What is San Churro El Social?

San Churro El Social is a loyalty program that rewards members for purchases made at San Churro. There are three core benefits to being a Socialite (an El Social member):

  • FREE churros on your birthday or a $15 Churros Fiesta (normally valued at $34.95)
  • Every 5th hot drink FREE
  • Special VIP rewards created for members only

Who can join El Social?

To be eligible to participate in El Social, a person must have a valid Australian address, a valid email address and be 18 years of age or older. Those under the age of 18 are eligible to participate in El Social provided they are over the age of 13 and have received parental or guardian consent.

How do I access my El Social card?

There are TWO types of cards (plastic and digital) and there are THREE ways to access them:

  1. Plastic cards must be collected in-store and must be linked to your online account in order to activate it. To activate, login to your account and go to My Details on the website (or Update My Details on the mobile app), click on ADD PRINTED CARD, delete the existing number and enter the number printed on your card.  Hit SUBMIT to save your details.
  2. A digital card is available on the mobile app. Select My Card from the menu or MY EL SOCIAL CARD in the orange banner on the lower edge of the screen.
  3. You can also access a digital version of your card by logging into the website on a mobile device. Click on ‘My Card’ and the QR code will appear.


How do I join San Churro El Social?

There are three ways to join San Churro El Social.

  1. Download the iOS or Android mobile app, register your details and follow the prompts to verify your email address.
  2. Visit the San Churro El Social website (elsocial.sanchurro.com), register your details and follow the prompts to verify your email address.
  3. Visit a chocolateria, register your details on the in store iPad, and follow the prompts to verify your email address.

Please note you must use a valid email address when registering.  If you have registered before, you cannot register another account with the same email.  If you are having difficulty joining, please contact us here.

I downloaded and registered my details in the mobile app. Will my plastic card still work?

Not yet. You will have to link the plastic card to your online account when you register by entering the Card Number in the appropriate field. If you experience any difficulties in linking your card please contact our friendly support team here.

How do I activate my San Churro El Social card?

If you picked up a card in store, you can register your details on the San Churro website (elsocial.sanchurro.com) or by downloading the mobile app where you will be prompted to link the card to the app. Once you have verified your email, your card will be active.

Do I need a plastic card to join El Social?

When you create an El Social account, you will automatically be issued with a digital card. If you have a plastic card, you can link the card to the account when you register by entering the Card Number in the appropriate field.


How do I get a FREE hot drink?

In order to get a free hot drink, you must scan your El Social card or app with each purchase.  When you have purchased 4 drinks, the free drink will be available for the next transaction.

What drink can I have with my FREE one?

Your free drink can be any coffee, tea or hot chocolate up to the value of $8.50.

How long do I have to use my FREE hot drink?

FREE hot drinks will be available on your account for up to 365 days. They can be used at any time before they expire.

How do I get my free birthday churros?

Simply present your El Social Card or app along with physical photo ID to verify your birthday and let staff know that you would like to claim your free birthday churros (6 churros + 2 dip cups – does not include Ruby or Gold Chocolate or extras) or $15 Churros Fiesta (18 churros + 6 dip cups). Free birthday churros or $15 Churros Fiesta can be redeemed the day before, day of and day after your birthday.

Can I sign up after my birthday and still get the offer?

No. A member must have a fully verified and active account at least 48 hours before their birthday in order for the offer to be loaded onto the account.


I have changed my details.

No problem! To update any of your details simply log into your account and submit your changes in the Update my Details page.

Otherwise, you can do the following:
Update my DOB
Update my email

How do I validate my account or link my card?

Click on the following links:
Link my card
Validate my account

Where is my San Churro El Social card accepted?

San Churro El Social is all about connecting and socialising anywhere in Australia so all chocolaterias nationwide will recognise a Socialite, wherever they are from. Check the website for a list of our chocolateria locations.

How can I check my San Churro El Social account?

All members can access their San Churro El Social account by either logging into the mobile app or through the San Churro website.

I lost my card. What do I do?

You can pick up a new card at any San Churro.  Simply log onto your account (via the website or the mobile app) and update your card number.


Please fill in your details via this form and one of our El Social team members will get back to you directly.